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Women's Flight Suit

Women's Flight Suit

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Fusing style and function with elegance, this flight suit presents a sleek and tailored aesthetic, available in both a refined blue and a classic black option. But that's not all – it introduces a remarkable convenience through its patent-pending, user-friendly lavatory hatch. Say goodbye to the days of disrobing entirely for restroom visits. This ingeniously designed hatch allows you to effortlessly attend to nature's call without the hassle of removing the entire suit.

Constructed using materials that strike the perfect balance between durability and flexibility, this flight suit assures your comfort at all times.

Join us in redefining spacewear – where fashion meets interstellar practicality.

Materials: Cotton (96%), Elastane (4%)

NOTE: The model is 6' tall and weighs 145 lbs.  She is wearing a size small. 

The suit comes as shown in the pictures (including the patches).  

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