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Launch Patch

Launch Patch

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This patch captures the essence of intergalactic excitement and cosmic thrills, making it the ultimate accessory for those who crave interstellar escapades, seek alien encounters, and delight in the pulsating wonders of the sci-fi universe.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our patch showcases intricate black embroidery against a sleek black background, allowing the red spaceship to take center stage. The contrast creates a striking visual impact, capturing the imagination and igniting a sense of wonder.

Measuring 3.75" in diameter, this circular patch is designed to make a bold statement. Whether attached to clothing, bags, or other accessories, it instantly draws attention and admiration.

Designed for compatibility with our women's flight suit, this patch seamlessly adheres to the velcro panels, allowing you to personalize your attire with ease. Let this patch become a symbol of your passion for space exploration, inspiring others to embrace their own interstellar journeys.

Embrace the spirit of discovery and let the Launch Patch become a beacon of your galactic aspirations. It pays homage to the iconic Star Trek logo while embracing your unique style and dedication to exploring new frontiers.

Whether you're a science fiction enthusiast, a fan of space exploration, or simply appreciate the allure of the unknown, our patch is a must-have addition to your collection. Join the ranks of intrepid explorers, both real and fictional, and embark on extraordinary adventures with this remarkable patch.

Note: Flight suit sold separately.
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