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GISC Patch

GISC Patch

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This remarkable circular 3.5" white and black embroidery patch features the iconic GIRL IN SPACE CLUB logo. This patch is the perfect way to show your love for space exploration and celebrate the spirit of aviation.

Crafted with exceptional attention to detail, our patch proudly displays the renowned GIRL IN SPACE CLUB logo in striking black against a clean white background. The contrast between the logo and the background creates a captivating and bold visual impact.

Measuring 3.75" in diameter, this circular patch is designed to make a statement. Its generous size ensures that the GISC logo is prominently displayed, capturing attention and admiration.

Designed for convenience and versatility, this patch seamlessly adheres to the velcro panels on our women's flight suit. Easily customize your attire and proudly display your membership to the GIRL IN SPACE CLUB. Let this patch symbolize empowerment, curiosity, and the limitless possibilities of space exploration.

Whether you're an aspiring astronaut, an aviation enthusiast, or a supporter of women in STEM, our GISC Patch is a must-have accessory. Embrace the spirit of adventure, join the GIRL IN SPACE CLUB, and let this emblem inspire you to reach for the stars.

Note: Flight suit sold separately.

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