STEMulating Art®

What is STEMulating Art®?

Imagining and discovering innovative solutions to real-world problems while introducing young minds to STEM concepts via Art.


STEMulating Art® Program Description 

Today, most STEM and Art or "STEAM" programs for youth focus heavily ONLY on hands-on technical projects. Through STEMulating Art®, a different approach is taken that not only exposes youth to STEM concepts used by engineers, scientists and other STEM professionals, but engages them via ART projects. STEMulating Art® projects are designed to inspire young, creative minds to become creative problem-solvers. Creative, out-of-the-box ideas coupled with critical thinking are key ingredients for innovation and ingenuity. These ingredients are not limited to STEM disciplines. They are applicable to ALL disciplines. So if your child, student, or young relative has an interest in STEM and/or the Arts, this is the perfect workshop for them.




STEMulating Art®: Astronaut Kicks

Ever wanted to design your own pair of sneakers...for an astronaut?

If so, this is the perfect project for you!

Our bodies aren't built for space, but that never stopped us from exploring our universe.  Every celestial body in space has its own gravitational force.  The Moon is no exception.  We've all seen old video clips and movies of astronauts bouncing on the Moon.  Well, this is because gravity on the Moon is different than it is on Earth.  In this STEMulating Art® Project, we will learn the science behind motion and design special kicks that will help future astronauts work (and play 😜) on the Moon.  While we're at it, we'll add a little style to the kicks too!  I mean...who said astronauts couldn't look good while exploring outer space?  Just saying... 🤓😀😎🚀 


This is the perfect gift for a curious, creative genius-in-the-making!


Expect your creative genius-in-the-making to:

    • Learn a STEM concept in a way they will never forget!
    • Develop critical-thinking skills in a fun, engaging way
    • Explore an interdisciplinary approach to generating innovative ideas
    • Partake in experimental, hands-on learning
    • Become a creative problem-solver
    • Inspiring GISC collectible card


      After going through this project, your creative genius-in-the-making will think of walking, running, dancing, or even riding their bike in a whole new way!  

      On a fundamental level, they will understand the physics behind all of these motions and more!  



      Order a GIRL IN SPACE (GISC) Kit for STEMulating Art®: Astronaut Kicks!!!

      Order GISC Kit

      Included with the Kit:

        • Engaging animated science lesson
        • Step-by-step, detailed instructions and video tutorials
        • Access to the GISC portal where you can show off your new astronaut kicks, learn more about innovating with STEM + Art, and stay connected with a Rocket Scientist!
        • Project materials
        • GISC swag
        • Inspiring GISC collectible card
        • Cool t-shirt




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